What They Say



“Matt is as dedicated and hard-working a professional as I have come across in the industry.  He truly has a passion for land use planning and development and this enthusiasm clearly shines through in his work.  I would strongly endorse Matt for any land planning assignment, confident that his experience, dedication and pride in his work will ensure a first-rate job.” 
 -Ed McDowell, Managing Director, GTIS Partners

“Upon his appointment by the Morris County Freeholders to the Morris County Planning Board,  Matt made it his responsibility to learn all aspects of county planning.  In addition, he was always inquisitive, supportive and involved with staff initiatives and projects through out his tenure as a board member.  Matt Sprung was a great asset to the Morris County Planning Board and it was my great pleasure to have worked with him on a professional level.”
 -Roman (Ray) Zabihach, Former Director, Morris County Planning Board

“Matt Sprung was not only a pleasure to work with but Mr. Sprung was thorough and forward thinking. It was great to work with a consultant that embraced the vision for the project and was able to make recommendations to bring it to fruition. He was not resistant to long hours, hard work nor uncomfortable surroundings in which we had to work as a part of urban development. I would recommend him to others and use his services again if the opportunity arises. “
Krishna Garlic, Brand New Day (former Executive Director)

“I’ve worked with Matt on a number of development opportunities.  He understands what needs to be done, knows how to get it done and then does it.  He strives towards balanced solutions to the various challenges that are synonymous with development.”
-Kevin Kelly, Attorney representing developers & municipalities.   Kelly and Ward, Newton, NJ


“He brings an enthusiasm that is second to none.  He has also developed experience, expertise, and relationships that are critical to effective and efficient real estate development in New Jersey.  He is creative and insightful and his experience on various governmental boards and environmental committees has given him insights into both the public and private sides of issues relating to redevelopment.”
-Robert Goldsmith, Redevelopment Attorney.  Greenbaum & Rowe, Woodbridge, NJ

“Matt was able to help us settle a long standing impasse with our local township. His creative thinking and solid position enabled us to meet everyone’s needs and we were able to annex a small piece of property adjacent to our home in Warren County.”
Brett Bacho, Bloomsbury NJ

“Matt works hard at trying to understand the issues of everyone at the table.  He fights and works hard for his “beliefs” and is a strong advocate for his position, he attacks arguments, never people.  He is someone I’ve worked with and respect even if we are not always on the same side”
-Jeff Tittel, Environmentalist, Sierra Club of NJ