K. Hovnanian Proposes Town Homes & Condos in Cedar Grove

Notice Content

TOWNSHIP OF CEDAR GROVE PLANNING BOARD NOTICE OF HEARING PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: That the undersigned applicant has applied to the Planning Board in the Township of Cedar Grove to subdivide the subject property into 206 tax lots which will be used for total of 460 residential units to include a combination of townhouse and condominium units on property commonly known as Hilltop Parcel 5, and otherwise known as Block 70, Lot 2 (formerly known as Block 70, Lot 1), Block 101, Lot 2 (formerly known as Block 101, Lot 1)and Block 101, Lot 1.01 (formerly known as Block 101, Lot 1.01) on the Tax Maps of the Township of Cedar Grove. The subject property is located in the Residential Cluster Zone of the Hilltop Redevelopment Plan. In order to develop the subject property as proposed, the applicant is requesting preliminary and final major subdivision approval as well as preliminary and final major site plan approval in addition to any and all other variances and/or waivers the Board deems necessary for approval of this application. This application is listed on the Clerk’s calendar and a public hearing has been set for Tuesday May 17, 2016 at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building, 525 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove, New Jersey, at which time you may appear either in person, by agent, or by attorney, and present any comments, questions, or objections which you may have to the granting of this application. Copies of all documents related to this application are available for public inspection at least 10 days before the hearing in the Office of the Planning and Zoning Coordinator located in the Municipal Building, 525 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove, New Jersey during normal business hours. This notice is sent to you by the Applicant by order of the Cedar Grove Planning Board. Respectfully, GACCIONE POMACO, P.C. 524 Union Avenue Belleville, NJ 07109 (973)759-2807 Attorney for Applicant, K. Hovnanian at Cedar Grove Urban Renewal, LLC Verona Cedar Grove Times 4026509 Fee:$22.79 May 5, 2016

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