Expert Testimony NJ

Expert Testimony NJ

25 years of expertise

For over 25 years Matthew Sprung has been involved in land use and planning on behalf of private sector developers and investors throughout New Jersey.  Matt’s  expert testimony services are available on behalf of clients to make the case for a property’s best use.

Specialized knowledge in the areas of land use, planning and development

Specialized knowledge in the areas of land use, planning and development

Matt’s areas of expertise include zoning research and analysis, site plan development, fiscal impact analysis, land value appraisal evaluation  and zoning board testimony. He is proficient in land use planning in the areas of residential, commercial and urban planning.


Powerful, effective expert testimony on behalf of clients

To provide effective expert testimony, Matt substantiates the viability of a plan by citing precedents, evaluating ordinances, comparing existing land values and via fiscal impact analysis. Using visual representations such as charts and graphs Matt builds his clients’ position in support of their vision. Matt immerses himself in the issue or project at hand, making himself the consummate expert witness on behalf of his clients.

Finding common ground to bring parties closer together

Naturally, emotional objections by local residents are often raised with new development or redevelopment proposals.  This is frequently the case before a plan has been evaluated in its entirety or before a project’s various facets and benefits have been presented.  Matt engages issues brought to light by local government and concerns of the community in order to shed light on the benefits and future revenue often essential to the future progress and growth of any community.

Expert Testimony Development, Redevelopment

Effective expert testimony on behalf of clients for residential or commercial projects

The objective at Sprung Planning is to understand a client’s needs and vision and to unite economic development with sound planning.

Matt’s approach to expert testimony is not only to achieve a successful outcome for his client, but also to help lay common ground between conflicting parties.  He works to help clients, municipalities and communities come together by presenting results of comprehensive research and analysis to highlight the merits and future positive impacts of a project.

Proven expertise and fierce preparation

Expertise and preparedness are the most important qualities that prove Matt an effective expert witness.  Contact him regarding your project at 973-479-5026.


The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare. ― Juma Ikangaa