Franklin Lakes to Hear Toll Application for Major Subdivision of High Mountain Golf Course

Public Notice:


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BOROUGH OF FRANKLIN LAKES PLANNING BOARD PLEASE take notice that Toll Bros., Inc., (“Applicant”) has filed an application together with supporting materials (“Application”) with the Borough of Franklin Lakes Planning Board (“Board”), seeking preliminary major subdivision plan approval, and any and all other relief that may be necessary (collectively “Approval”) to construct a residential development. The Application seeks to subdivide 12 existing lots into 69 new lots, upon which a residential development will be constructed that will consist of 275 total housing units, of which 220 will be market rate housing units and 55 will be affordable housing units (the “Project”). The Project consists of a mix of housing types including 60 single family houses, 160 townhouses and 55 apartments units. The Project also includes 1 recreation lot, 5 open space lots and supporting infrastructure and improvements. The property upon which the Project is proposed consists of approximately 131.78 acres and is located on properties designated on the Borough of Franklin Lakes (“Borough”) Tax Maps as Lot 1 in Block 3104; Lot 1 in Block 3105; Lot 2 in Block 3205; Lots 1, 1.01. 1.02 and 2 in Block 3206; Lots 3 and 5 in Block 3207; and Lots 2, 3 and 4 in Block 3208 (the “Property”). The Property is commonly known as 845 Ewing Avenue, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 (High Mountain Golf Club). The Property is within the Borough’s Planned Residence District-2 (“PRD-2”) zoning district. This Notice is being provided in accordance with NJSA 40:55D-12. The Application requires variances from the provisions of the Borough zoning code that regulate signage, parking space locations and design of retaining walls. The sections of the Township zoning code from which variance relief is sought and the nature of the requested relief is as follows: (i) Section 300-121A(5)(c) limits height of a wall sign attached to pillar or column to 2.5 feet and the Application seeks a wall sign height of 5.25 feet; (ii) Section 300-121A(5)(d) limits the length of walls for signage to no more than 15 feet per driveway with a combined length of 30 feet and the Application seeks two (2) 75 foot wall signs for a total of 150 feet; (iii) Section 300-121A(5)(f) prohibits the construction of walls or structures in the front or side yard set back of a corner lot and the Application proposes the construction of a wall/fence within such set back requirements; (iv) Section 300-121F(4) regulates the height of retaining walls to 4 feet absent the incorporation of additional design features and the Application proposes a retaining wall that is 9.7 feet that is designed in a manner not consistent with the zoning standards. Further, depending upon the Board’s interpretation, the Application may require a variance from Section 300-110.1H(12) that limits the maximum distance from parking areas to affordable housing units at 200 feet and the Application proposes that some spaces may be a maximum of 295 feet from the furthest affordable housing unit. In addition to the foregoing variance relief, the Application also sought certain design and/or submission waivers including those related to scale of plans submitted, elimination of plan cross sections, key map information, location of certain easements and incorporation of pump station design criteria/calculations at the time of Application submission. The Application may also require additional variances, submission waivers, design waivers, exceptions and/or waivers from the requirements of the Borough zoning code and/or the Residential Site Improvement Standards and other approvals as may be necessary to permit approval of the Application as submitted or with such changes as may be requested or accepted by the Board. This notice is to advise you that such additional variance and/or waiver relief may be requested by the Applicant at the time of the hearing. Copies of the Application are available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Borough Municipal Building, 480 DeKorte Drive, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 07417, ten (10) days prior to the hearing date. A public hearing on the Application will be conducted before the Board at the Borough Municipal Building, 480 DeKorte Drive, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 07417 on November 5, 2014 at 7:30 pm, at which time you or an interested party as defined in NJSA 40:55D-4 either in person or by agent or attorney may present any comments or objections regarding the Application. Further take notice that the Board may, at its discretion, adjourn, postpone, or continue the said hearing from time to time, and you are notified that you should make inquiry of the secretary of the Board concerning such adjournments, postponements or continuations. Dated: October 21, 2014 Applicant: Toll Bros., Inc. By: Richard J. Hoff, Jr., Esq. BISGAIER HOFF, LLC 25 Chestnut Street, Suite 3 Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033 (856) 795-0150 Attorney for Applicant October 24, 2014-fee:$125.68(133) 3769663
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