Rahway Approves “Rahway Residents for the Arts”

Public Notice:

CITY OF RAHWAY PLANNING BOARD PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on June 30, 2015, the Planning Board of the City of Rahway, in the County of Union, State of New Jersey, took action to adopt a Resolution memorializing its grant of minor subdivision approval and preliminary major site plan approval with variance relief and/or exceptions from the Rahway Redevelopment Plan as amended January 2013 (the “Plan”), in connection with the application of Ingerman Development Company, LLC (“Applicant”) for property located at 219 Central Avenue and designated as Block 167, Lot 1 on the Tax Map of the City of Rahway, New Jersey (“Property”) (the “Application”). The approval permits the Applicant to subdivide the existing lot into two lots, Lot 1A and Lot 1B and to construct a four (4)-story residential building, approximately 42,455 square feet, also referred to as Rahway Residences for the Arts, on Lot 1A. Variance relief was granted in order to permit Lot 1B to measure 2,838 square feet, have a lot depth of 80.7 feet, and a rear yard setback of 0 feet, where the Plan only permits lots of 4,000 square feet with a minimum lot depth of 100 feet and a minimum rear yard setback of 10 feet. Variance relief was also granted from the Plan’s limitation on unit size, where the Applicant proposes a mix of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units. Variance relief was also granted from the Plan’s on-site parking requirement in order to permit 37 on-site parking spaces where the Plan requires 73 on-site parking spaces. All documents and plans related to the Application as well as a copy of the Resolution are on file and available for inspection in the City of Rahway, Office of the City Planner, Borough Hall, 1 City Hall Plaza, Rahway, New Jersey during regular business hours. ($29.04)
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