Red Bank’s 35 Townhome proposal files CAFRA application

Public Notice:

BOROUGH OF RED BANK “Take Notice that an application has been submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Land Use Regulation Program for a CAFRA permit for the development described below: APPLICANT: West Front Street Partners, LLC PROJECT NAME: 55 West Front Street PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Redevelopment of West Front Street parcel with 35 residential townhouses and associated site improvements. PROJECT STREET ADDRESS: 55 West Front Street BLOCK: 30 LOT: 10.01 MUNICIPALITY: Borough of Red Bank COUNTY: Monmouth The CAFRA permit application can be reviewed at either the municipal clerk’s office or by appointment at the Department’s Trenton office. A 30 day public comment period or a fact-finding public hearing will be held on this application in the future. A public hearing will be held only if the Department determines that, based on public comment or a review of the project, its scope and environmental impact, additional information is necessary to assist in its review or evaluate potential impacts and that this information can only be obtained by providing an opportunity for a public hearing. Individuals may request that the Department hold a public hearing on this application. Requests for a public hearing shall be made in writing within 15 days of the date of this notice and shall state the specific nature of the issues proposed to be raised at the hearing. Hearing requests should be sent to: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Land Use Regulation Program P.O. Box 439 501 East State Street Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0439 Attn: Monmouth County Section Chief.” ($72.00)

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