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Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Adjustment to Hear Multi-Family Application

Notice Content

TOWNSHIP OF PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that 700 MOUNTAIN WAY, LLC (the “Applicant”) has heretofore filed an application with the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills Zoning Board of Adjustment for a multi-family residential development comprised of townhouses and rental units on property which is located at 740 and 700 Mountain Way and 660 and 648 Old Dover Road, all in the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, and designated, respectively as Lots 6, 9, 9.1 and 10 in Block 14 on the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills Tax Map (the “Property”). The Property is located in the R-R Zoning District. Applicant has filed a revised Application which includes Lot 6, Block 14 and requests approval for a development consisting of seventy (70) townhouses and thirty-one (31) apartment units. Applicant is seeking the following approvals, variances, and waivers:
Use Variance to allow seventy (70) townhouses, and thirty-one (31) apartment units which uses are not permitted in the R-R Zoning District;
Preliminary Major Site Plan;
Associated “C” Variances as follows:

o Building Coverage, 10% allowed, proposed 13.1% o Lot Coverage, 20% allowed, proposed 30.0% o Steep Slope Disturbance, proposed development ex ceeds allowances in the 15%-20%, 20%-25%, and over 25% categories o Wall Height, 6 feet permitted, proposed walls exceed requirements in specified areas
Major Soil Moving Permit; and
Such other approvals, waivers and variances from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance of the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills as may be deemed necessary or required by the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills and/or the Zoning Board of Adjustment at the hearing in this matter.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills Zoning Board of Adjustment will meet on WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016 @ 7:30 P.M. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be reached at the Municipal Building, located at 1001 Parsippany Boulevard, at the intersection of Route 46 & 202, Parsippany, New Jersey, which has been set as the time and place for holding the public hearing on this application. All parties in interest may appear at such time and place and be heard concerning said application and all matters pertaining thereto. A copy of the plans has been filed in the office of the Secretary of the Zoning Board of Adjustment for public inspection during regular business hours. GAROFALO & O’NEILL P.A. Authorized Agent for Applicant 700 Mountain Way, LLC 60 Baldwin Road, Suite 202 Parsippany, New Jersey 07054 Dated: July 7, 2016 ($57.20)

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K Hovnanian to Request Approval for Single & Multi-family in Hillsborough

Notice Content

04/28/2016 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Public Hearing will be held at 7:30 p.m. on May 12, 2016, at a Regular Meeting of the Planning Board of the Township of Hillsborough, in the courtroom of the Municipal Building, 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, New Jersey, at which time members of the public will have the opportunity to be heard.

The subject of the hearing will be the application of K Hovnanian Central Acquisitions LLC (Meadow Brook at Hillsborough), in File #16-PB-02-MJSR for preliminary and final major subdivision and preliminary and final site plan approvals to construct 44 single family detached homes and 30 multi-family townhomes situated in 3 townhouse/condominium buildings together with all necessary site improvements required to support the project. The subject property is located along Amwell Road and will be known as new Lot 101.02 in block 163.05 and is comprised of approximately 17.166 acres situated adjacent to and north of another new property (Lot 101.01, Block 163.05) on which the RPM affordable housing development will be built. The combination of these two properties (combined) consists of a group of lots known as Lots 101, 102, 103, 104 & 105 in Block 163.05, located at 495, 503, 505 & 507 Amwell Road, Hillsborough, NJ, which totals 20.9 acres. The smaller tract (Lot 101.01) with direct frontage along Amwell Road was approved last year by the Township Planning Board for multi-family and affordable housing in File #15-PB-09-MSRV/SR. The Applicant also seeks an economic hardship waiver or variance from the mitigation requirements of the Tree Preservation Ordinance so as to permit the removal of more than 20% of the trees located on proposed Lot 101.02. Applicant also intends to request at the hearing that the application be deemed amended to include, and the Board grant, any additional approvals, variances, waivers from design standards and/or submission requirements, or exceptions from the Hillsborough Township Land Development Ordinance determined to be necessary or which may develop during the review, processing and hearing of this application as are required to develop the premises in the manner indicated in the application materials.

A copy of the application, plans and all supporting documents are on file in the Planning Board Office at the Hillsborough Township Municipal Building, 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, NJ, and are available for public inspection during usual business hours Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Attorney for Applicant

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Carteret Zoning Board to Consider Roosevelt Avenue Affordable Housing Site

Public Notice:

BOROUGH OF CARTERET PUBLIC NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on _April 28, 2015 at 6:30 PM, the Zoning Board of the Borough of Carteret will hold a public hearing on the application of Frank Raia. The public hearing will be held at the Carteret Police and Municipal Court Building, 230 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, New Jersey. The property which is the subject of the application is located at 570-572 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, New Jersey 07008, and is located in the G B Zone. Said property is also known as Block 5505, Lot 2 on the tax map of the Borough of Carteret. The application is for Preliminary and Final Site Plan and Variance Approval to permit four (4) residential affordable housing townhomes. Also, the application is for approval of the following variances and/or waivers of the design and/or submission requirements of the bulk and/or design standards of the applicable Borough of Carteret Land Development Ordinance: The applicant seeks “C” variances as follows: Where required is a minimum lot area of 5,000 square feet and proposed is 2,762 square feet; where required is a minimum lot depth of 100 feet and proposed is 36.0 feet; where required is a minimum front yard setback of 15.0 feet and proposed is 2.1 feet; where required is a minimum side yard (one) of 4.0 feet and proposed is 0 feet; where required is a minimum building coverage of 50 % (1,381 s.f.) and proposed is 64.7% (1,787 s.f.); where required a maximum dwelling per units per building is 2 units and proposed is 4 units; where required is a minimum off-street parking of 10 spaces and proposed is 3 spaces; where required is a minimum buffer to residential use of 10 feet and proposed is 2 feet. The applicant seeks a “D” variance as follows: where required is a maximum allowable density (d5) of 12 units per acre and proposed is 63.49 units per acre. The applicant is also requesting a variance for front yard impervious surfaces in excess of the allowable 50%, and a variance for distance from parking area to front property line, where required is 10 feet and proposed is less than 10 feet. The applicant is requesting such other variances, waivers and other relief as is necessary for the project as proposed or amended. The application for development and all supporting maps, site plans and documents are on file in the office of the Department of Planning and Zoning, Borough of Carteret, 61 Cooke Avenue, Carteret, NJ 07008, and are available for public inspection, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. Any interested party may appear at the aforesaid hearing, either in person, or by their attorney, and be given an opportunity to be heard with respect to the aforesaid application. James W. Sutton, III, Esquire Applicant’s or Attorney’s Signature ($44.88)
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Woodcliff Lakes Proposes Town House Overlay Zones in Master Plan

Public Notice:

BOROUGH OF WOODCLIFF LAKE COUNTY OF BERGEN, STATE OF NEW JERSEY  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following proposed ordinance was amended at a meeting of the Borough Council of the Borough of Woodcliff Lake, in the County of Bergen, State of New Jersey, held on the 16th of June, 2014, and that said ordinance will be taken up for further consideration for final passage at the meeting of the Borough Council to be held at the municipal building, 188 Pascack Road, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, on the 14th day of July, 2014, at 8:00 PM, or as soon thereafter as said matter can be reached, at which time and place all persons who may be interested therein will be given an opportunity to be heard concerning the same. A copy of this ordinance has been posted on the bulletin board upon which public notices are customarily posted in the Municipal Building of the Borough, and a copy is available up to and including the time of such meeting to members of the general public of the Borough who shall request such copies, at the office of the clerk in said Municipal Building in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. ORDINANCE NO. 14-04  AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND CHAPTER 380, ZONING, OF THE REVISED CODE OF THE BOROUGH OF WOODCLIFF LAKE, COUNTY OF BERGEN, STATE OF NEW JERSEY IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH A TOWNHOME OVERLAY DISTRICT (THO)  WHEREAS, the Borough of Woodcliff Lake is a predominantly residential community with more than 57 percent of its land area zoned for residential use; and  WHEREAS, according to the Master Plan adopted by the Borough in 2002, revised in 2008, nearly all residential development consists of single family detached dwellings on lots averaging 15,000 square feet or greater; and   WHEREAS, Borough finds that there exists a need for market rate townhomes in the Borough of Woodcliff Lake, as multi-family residential development constitutes only a very small portion of the Borough’s total housing stock and is concentrated in two affordable housing developments; and  WHEREAS, the Borough’s existing R-30 Residential District is divided into three distinct areas of the Borough, one of which consists of 7.25 acres (or 7.5 acres, including the public roadways) located along County Road, to the west of Harriet Drive, and constitutes an isolated neighborhood surrounded by the most densely populated sections of the Borough and not adjacent to any other single family residential zone in the Borough except for a small portion of the R-8.15 Residential District; and   WHEREAS, in light of the aforementioned conditions as well as changes in the character of the surrounding neighborhood, the 2008 Reexamination of the Borough Master Plan stated that development other than single family detached dwellings may be appropriate for the above area; and   WHEREAS, so as to meet the need for market rate townhomes, to maximize the appropriate use of land and provide a unique residential enclave of single family residences, the Borough Council finds that it is in the best interest of the citizens of Woodcliff Lake to amend the Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance of the Borough so as to create a Townhome Overlay District (THO) within the R-30 Residential District to encourage the future adaptive re-use of the properties within the zone to address the need for market rate multi-family/townhouse development; and  WHEREAS, the Borough Council further finds that these amendments are consistent with the Master Plan of the Borough of Woodcliff Lake and designed to effectuate its underlying objectives, policies and standards. NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOROUGH COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF WOODCLIFF LAKE AS FOLLOWS: SECTION I   The purpose of this Ordinance is to amend Chapter 380, Zoning, of the Code of the Borough of Woodcliff Lake to create a Townhome Overlay District (THO), which shall include the properties designated as Lots 1 and 2 in Block 303, Lots 3 and 4 in Block 303.01 and Lots 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 in Block 401 on the Tax Map, and to set forth the permitted uses, bulk requirements and landscaping, design and pedestrian accessibility standards of the THO Townhome Overlay District, while continuing to maintain the zoning standards of the underlying R-30 Residential District.  SECTION II Section 380-7, Classification of Districts, shall be amended by the insertion of the following new district, to be inserted immediately following the R-30 Residential One-Family District: THO Townhome Overlay District SECTION III Section 380-8, Map; schedule. The referenced Zoning Map of the Borough of Woodcliff Lake, shall be amended to include that portion of the R-30 District known as Lots 1 and 2 in Block 303, Lots 3 and 4 in Block 303.01 and Lots 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 in Block 401 in the R-30/THO Townhome Overlay District. SECTION IV A new section in Article IV shall be inserted at Section 380-14A.(7), which shall read as follows: (a) Permitted Uses: [1] Townhomes: A townhome is defined as a one-family dwelling in a row of at least three such attached units, side by side, in which each unit has its own front and rear access to the outside, no unit is located above another unit and each unit is separated from any other units by one or more vertical common fire-resistant walls.  [2] Accessory uses and structures associated with townhomes, which shall include, but not be limited to parking, patios, refuse enclosures, retaining structures, amenities, active and passive recreation uses such as swimming pools, clubhouse, fitness facilities and such other accessory uses customarily found in similar townhouse communities developed as an integrated project. (b) Bulk Standards: [1] Lot Standards within the THO District shall be as follows: [a] Minimum lot area: 7.5 acres [b] Minimum lot frontage: 700 feet [c] Minimum setbacks,  [1] Front yard to existing public streets: A minimum of 75 feet for 70 percent and 50 feet for 30 percent of County Road frontage; 50 feet for Harriet Drive [2] Front yard to internal streets: 25 feet to curb line [3] Side yard to tract residential property lines: 60 feet total of both sides, 20 feet minimum on one side [4] Rear yard to non-residential zone: 30 feet  [d] Maximum density: 5.34 units per acre  [e] Maximum building coverage: 23.5 percent, excluding decks. [f] Maximum improvement coverage: 50 percent [g] Maximum number of units in a row: 4 [h] Minimum spacing between buildings: [1] front to front: 75 feet [2] front to rear: 75 feet [3] end (side) to end (side): 25 feet [4] rear to rear: 30 feet [i] Maximum building height: 35 feet and 2.5 stories. [j] Minimum Floor Area: 1400 square feet [2] Parking requirements shall be determined in accordance with the New Jersey Residential Site Improvement Standards, but shall require a minimum of a two car garage for each Unit. (c) Landscaping Standards: [1] A 30 foot wide landscaped buffer shall be provided along all adjacent residential zones. [2] The buffer shall be composed of 50 percent evergreens. Said buffer shall include a mixture of shade trees, evergreens, ornamental trees and understory shrubs planted in a staggered fashion. At the time of installation, shade trees shall be a minimum 3 inch caliper, evergreens shall be a minimum 8 feet in height, ornamental trees shall be a minimum of 10 feet in height and understory shrubs shall be a minimum of 36 inches in height. [3] Shade trees that exist within the buffer should be preserved and enhanced with evergreens and understory shrubs as noted above. (d) Design Standards: [1] Full basements shall be permitted. [2] Each townhome shall have a maximum of three (3) bedrooms. [3] Townhomes shall have a minimum roof plane pitch of 6/12; no flat roofs shall be permitted on any principal structure. [4] The front and rear fa?ade of all buildings shall include building wall offsets (projections or recesses) to provide architectural interest and vary the massing of a building and relieve the negative visual effect of a single, long wall. Building wall offsets shall be provided along any fa?ade measuring greater than 50 feet in width. The maximum spacing between such offsets shall be 35 feet. The minimum projection or depth of any individual vertical offset shall not be less than 2 feet. [5] All buildings within the THO District shall be of the same architectural design and treatment including building materials. [6] Trash receptacles shall not be visible from County Road or Harriet Drive. Receptacles shall be enclosed with a solid masonry enclosure. Such facilities shall be designed so that they fit within an overall project design.  [7] The site plan for townhouse use shall include the use of Pickwick Lane, which shall be vacated in the manner provided by law subsequent to final site plan approval but prior to the issuance of any construction permits. There shall be no restriction, other than compliance with the provisions of this Ordinance, in the use of the land comprising Pickwick Lane in any proposed site plan. [8] The proposed site plan for townhouse use shall have an integrated roadway system incorporating every proposed building within the THO District including emergency access, visitor/guest parking and deliveries appropriate for the proposed use. (e) Pedestrian Accessibility: [1] A sidewalk shall be installed along the length of County Road to connect to the sidewalk that terminates at the northeast corner of County Road and Harriet Drive. [2] All sidewalks shall be a minimum of 4 feet wide and shall be concrete and smoothly surfaced and leveled to provide for the free movement of pedestrians. [3] All sidewalks must be designed to provide access for the physically disabled. Access ramps shall be conveniently placed and sloped to provide easy connection to streets and sidewalks, in conformance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. SECTION V Upon passage of this Ordinance upon first reading, it shall be referred to the Planning Board for review and confirmation that the proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance and zoning map, as set forth in this Ordinance, are consistent with the Master Plan. SECTION VI If any section, subsection, sentence, clause or phrase of this Ordinance is for any reason held to be unconstitutional or invalid, such decision shall not affect the remaining portions of this Ordinance. SECTION VII All Ordinances or any provisions of any Ordinances inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed as to such inconsistencies. This Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon final publication and filing with the Bergen County Department of Planning and Economic Development as required by law. Deborah Dakin Acting Borough Clerk  Ridgewood News-3711644 Fee: $135.71 July 4, 2014
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Morristown Approves 4 unit Townhouse Community

Public Notice:


NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Board of Adjustment of the town of Morristown rendered the following decisions on pending applications: February 5, 2014 a.) Appeal # 2295 of Inter Vivos Trust of Rhonda D..Gilbert, owner of property situate Block 6206, Lot 5, known as 66 MacCulloch Avenue, Morristown, requesting extension for revised plans by March 15, 2014 and completion of work by June1, 2014 was approved
b.) Appeal # 2317 of Valerie & Keith Gehm, owners of property situate block 5304, lot 20, known as 55 Sherman Place, Morristown NJ, requesting C Variance to construct a second story addition in front yard setback was approved
c.) Appeal # 2305 of Victor Fernandez, owner of property situate block 501, lot 14 , Walker Street, Morristown NJ, requesting C and D Variances , Major site plan to construct a four townhouse building was approved  James A. Campbell Administrative Officer
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Vineland to Consider Granting Relief from AH Obligation

Public Notice:

LEGAL NOTICETAKE NOTICE that the Planning Board of the City of Vineland will hold public hearings at its regular meeting to be held Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 7:30 P.M. at which time all interested parties may be heard in Council Chambers of City Hall (Second Floor), Seventh and Wood Streets, Vineland, New Jersey on the following:1. Vineland Auto Body – a public hearing to consider relief requested pursuant to Sections 12 and 60 of Title 40:55D for major site plan approval to construct an 11,583 square foot auto body shop building with 14 bays and a towing facility with variances for impervious coverage, front and side buffers, and any other variances that may be necessary as set forth in the City of Vineland Land Use Ordinance. Located on the northeasterly corner of Delsea Drive and Butler Avenue, Block 7002 Lot 44 and as shown on the tax map in the Tax Assessor’s Office.2. Landmark Development No. 2, L.L.C.- Oak Road Townhouses – a public hearing to consider relief requested pursuant to Sections 12 and 60 of Title 40:55D to seek relief from affordable housing obligation stipulated in a previously approved townhouse development and any other variances that may be necessary as set forth in the City of Vineland Land Use Ordinance. Located on the north side of Oak Road between Main Road and Brewster Road, Block 1909 Lot 44 and as shown on the tax map in the Tax Assessor’s Office.The plans may be seen in the Planning Board Office on the 4th floor of City Hall, during regular business hours.The meeting will terminate promptly at 11:00 PM. Any items begun before 11:00 PM will be completed. Any item on the agenda that is not heard will be continued to the next Planning Board meeting.
CITY OF VINELAND PLANNING BOARD David Manders, Chairman ptr fee $27.56 #1647253

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Montvale to Consider K. Hovnanian Revised Development Application

Public Notice:


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that K. Hovnanian North Jersey Acquisitions, L.L.C. (“Applicant”) has applied to the Planning Board of the Borough of Montvale for Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision and Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval with variances for property owned by Reno A. Del Ben identified on the Borough Tax Maps as Block 301, Lots 1 and 4, and Block 1002, Lot 7 lying between, and fronting upon, Summit Avenue and Upper Saddle River Road. (Also known as 32 and 49 Upper Saddle River Road and 127 Summit Avenue.) Such property lies in both the AH-6 Affordable Housing District and R-40 Single Family Residence District.  The Applicant is seeking approval of a revised development application in accordance with a Settlement Agreement, dated October 8, 2013 by and among the Applicant, Planning Board and the Borough of Montvale. The Settlement Agreement resolved a lawsuit filed by Applicant challenging the denial of preliminary site plan approval, related variances and preliminary and final subdivision approval, as set forth in a Resolution adopted by the Planning Board on October 4, 2011. In an Amended Order for Judgment issued by Judge Carver and filed on August 30, 2013 in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division- Bergen County, Docket No. BER-L-9574-11, the Settlement Agreement was remanded to the Planning Board for a “Whispering Woods” hearing, i.e., a hearing on the revised development plans consistent with the Settlement Agreement. Applicant proposes to reconfigure the three existing lots into proposed Lot 1 consisting of 16.87 +/- Acres in the AH-6 Zone and proposed Lot 7 consisting of 28.40+/- acres in the AH-6 and R-40 Single Family District. There is no change in the subdivision application. o; The revised development application reduces the townhome complex from 100 to 80 dwelling units on proposed Lot 1 which front upon and shall have its only access from Upper Saddle River Road. The type of townhome buildings around the periphery of the development facing Upper Saddle River Road (Buildings 3 & 4) and Serrell Drive (Buildings 1,2 & 9) has been changed from a 3 story stacked townhome building to a 2 story traditional townhome building. The townhome buildings have been moved 20+7- feet into the site and away from Upper Saddle River Road and Serrell Drive, respectively. The traditional townhomes have decks off the first residential floor and some have walk out basements. The foundations in the rear of the buildings are decorated and not left as exposed concrete. The buildings in the interior of the site continue to be 3 story stacked townhome buildings (Buildings 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 &11). The number of homes set aside for low and moderate income housing has been reduced from 20 to 6 and are located in stacked townhome Buildings 7 & 8.) The retaining wall along Serrell Drive have been reduced from 15+/- feet to 4.5+7- feet behind Building 1 and has been eliminated behind Buildings 2 & 9. In connection with the application, Applicant will seek variances, exceptions and waivers from the provision of the Borough’s Land Development Ordinances as may be applicable and to the extent necessary including but not limited to:  Minimum front yard setback from internal streets of 30 feet (Sec. 128-5.7D(2)(a)[2]) to allow a 25+/- setback for the traditional townhome buildings and 28.5+7- feet and 27.8+7- feet for stacked townhome Buildings 5 & 7;  Minimum side or rear yard setbacks of an undisturbed 75 foot setback/buffer area to an external property line where the property is adjacent to a zone other than an Affordable Housing Zone (Sec. 128-5.7D(2)(b) and 128-5.78(1)) to allow:   a 45+/- rear yard setback for buildings 10 & 11 in the rear of the property toward adjacent Lot 7 (which is part of the subdivision and will be deed restricted to create a 75′ setback/buffer to mitigate the variance);  the internal access road, parking area and Retaining Wall 4 which is 25.4S+/- feet from the westerly property line; and   the detention basin including access path which is 30+/- feet from the northern – property line of existing Lot 1;  Maximum Building Height of 2 stories (Sec. 128-5.7 D(2)(g)) to allow three stories for stacked townhome Buildings 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 11;  Maximum number of 8 units per building (Section 128-5.7 D(2)(h)[l]) to allow stacked townhome Buildings 5, 10 & 11 to have 10 units and stacked townhome Buildings 7 & 8 to have 11 units;  Construction on slopes with a pre disturbance topographic slope of 15% or greater (Section 128-6.3.1);  Maximum height of fences of 4 feet (Section 39-4) if and to the extent required for any retaining walls with fences on top of the retaining wall and 6 foot privacy fences between patios/decks;  Percentage of Affordable Housing Units of less than 20% of the total number of homes if and to the extent required; Applicant will seek any and all variances, exceptions or waivers or other relief as may be require by revisions to the plans during the public hearing process or otherwise. Applicant is also seeking approval of a Soil Moving Permit. The Application has been scheduled for public hearing on Monday, January 13, 2013 at the Municipal Building, 12 Mercedes Drive, Montvale, New Jersey at 7:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be reached. Any interested party may appear at the hearing in person or by counsel and will be permitted to question witnesses, offer testimony or otherwise participate in the hearing. The plans, application and supporting documents, including the Settlement Agreement, dated October 8, 2013, are on file and may be inspected at the Planning Board offices, 12 Mercedes Drive, Montvale, New Jersey during regular business hours. Francine Chester, Esq. Attorney for Applicant K. Hovnanian North Jersey Acquisitions, L.L.C 110 Fieldcrest Avenue Edison, N.J. 08837 732-623-6819  January 1, 2013-Fee: $155.92 (166) 3618571
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Washington Township, Gloucester County, to hear 68 Unit Townhome Application

Public Notice:



> PUBLIC NOTICE TAKE NOTICE that the Washington Township Planning Board will conduct a public hearing on January 7, 2014, at 7:00 PM in the Municipal Building, 523 Egg Harbor Road, Sewell, NJ to consider an application by Parke Place Community, LLC, the developer for the Parke Place Community, who will make an application for Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan and Major Subdivision Approval, for construction of a 68 unit townhouse development on Block 51.01, Lot 1, along with subdivision approval, as well as conceptual approval for a fifty-four (54) unit townhouse development, similar in nature to the Phase I development, to be located on Block 51.09, Lot 1. A complete application for site-plan and subdivision approval shall be submitted to the Planning Board for Phase II at a later date. The applicant is also seeking variance and waiver relief for Phase I as follows, as well as any other variances or waivers that the Planning Board or its professionals deem necessary: Variances – 1) GDP, minimum tract size, 7.07 acres where 10 acres required; 2) Section 285-83.F., minimum rear year, 23 feet where 25 feet is required; 3) Section 285-84.H., maximum number of townhouse units per structure, to allow 7 where 4 is permitted; 4) Section 285-196.A, off street parking to exceed 105% of required spaces; Section 285-201.A., buffer width, to allow stormwater facilities within the required buffer; Waivers – 1) lots do not front on public streets; 2) Checklist Item #8, Environmental Impact Statement; 3) Section 220-21.B(6), off street parking in front of principal structure. The application, plans, and supporting documentation are available for examination during normal business hours at the Office of the Planning Board. The property is located at Delsea Drive, Sewell, New Jersey 08080 and is known as: Block 51.01, Lot 1 (Phase I) and Block 51.09, Lot 1 (Phase II). Parke Place Community, LLC, Applicant Cost: $64.56(2669689) 12/28-1t


Public Notice ID: 20916521.HTMW
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Galloway Approves 944 Units on Former Golf Course

Public Notice:

NOTICE OF DECISIONPLEASE TAKE NOTICE that at the conclusion of a hearing held before it on September 19, 2013, the Planning Board for the Township of Galloway granted amended preliminary and final major subdivision and amended preliminary and final major site plan approval to the undersigned applicant to allow it to construct, establish and maintain a non-age restricted residential community containing a total of 944 housing units.
These units are apportioned as 531 single family detached units, 224 townhouse units and 189 affordable apartment units.
The development is to take place on property shown as Block 453, Lot 2; Block 455, Lots 1, 2, 3 and 11; Block 456, Lots 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and Block 458, Lot 1 on the Galloway Township tax map, which property is located at the site of the former “Blue Heron Pines East” golf course, which is located generally at Tilton Road, Odessa Avenue, Aloe Street and Genoa Avenue.
The site currently consists of an approximately 398 acre tract containing the former golf course improvements, which golf course is no longer in operation.
The approvals referenced herein were approved pursuant to the terms of the “Conversion Act” for the purpose of converting a previously approved age restricted housing development to a non-age restricted housing development by removing the age restriction requirement contained in the prior approvals for this development.The decision of the Board was memorialized in a written Resolution adopted by the said Galloway Township Planning Board on December 5, 2013, and is available at the office of the Secretary to the Galloway Township Planning Board at Township Hall, 300 East Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway, New Jersey.

Attorney for Applicant
Ole Hansen & Sons, Inc.

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Clementon Planning and Zoning Board adopts Resolution of Approval for 49 Attached Residential Dwellings

Public Notice:


Notice of Planning & Zoning Board
The Planning and Zoning Board of the Borough of Clementon, on November 14, 2013, adopted Resolution 2013-14 memorializing the grant of preliminary subdivision and site plan approval of Phase 1 of the Applicant, Leewood NJ, LLC’s redevelopment known as Leewood Villages at Rowand Pond, located on Route 30, White Horse Pike, Block 75, Lots 20.01, 24, 24.01, 24.02, 25, 26, for 49 attached residential dwellings and associated improvements, roadways, and common areas.Richard Venuti, Board Secretary
(1642158) ($11.88)
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