Matthew Sprung, is a Licensed Professional Planner and member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.  He holds a Master of City and Regional Planning degree from Rutgers University.

A Brief Bio:

Matt began his career in real estate and for over 25 years was engaged on  behalf of developers and investors; assessing zoning, planning land use and redevelopment.  Matt is also skilled in the areas of property acquisition, obtaining of governmental approvals, developing,  and property sales.  As a result of his varied experience, Matt evaluates every property with a keen eye for value.


On the behalf of the Morris County Planning Board, Matt served on two separate State Plan Cross Acceptance Negotiating Teams,  where he was personally engaged in the regional planning process.

In addition, Matt served on the 2002 U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “New York-New Jersey Highlands Regional Study Update” and Congressman Benjamin A. Gilman’s “Highlands Preservation Initiative Working Group”

As a result of these combined experiences, Matt has grasps of the need for balance in our communities.  He is passionate in his belief that that growth and environmental protection are mutually important and need to be encouraged.

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