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Old Bergen Machine & Tool Site In Hackettstown To Become a Mixed-Use Community?

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TOWN OF HACKETTSTOWN NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Applicant, Jade Hackettstown Associates, LLC, applied to the Planning Board of the Town of Hackettstown for preliminary and final major subdivision approvals for Block 21, Lot 18 and preliminary and final major site plan approvals and bulk variance relief to construct a townhouse development on remainder Lot 18 consisting of 6.6 acres and a mixed use development on proposed Lot 18.02 consisting of 2.9 acres. The Applicant seeks the approvals to, among other things, construct 108 multi-family residential dwelling units consisting of 66 townhomes and 42 apartments; 15,900 square feet of commercial space with related parking; construction of a new municipal roadway to connect Bergen and Stiger Streets; and the construction of a stormwater management system and recreational trail. The Applicant will further seek bulk variance relief from the Town’s Planned Mixed Use Downtown Development ordinances related to the minimum building setback from parking lots, minimum rear-to-rear building separation, minimum building setback from rear property line and maximum building projections within setback. The Applicant will also apply for such variances and waivers as may be required upon the analysis and testimony offered regarding the plans at the public hearing. The public hearing on the application was heard on June 28 and July 26, 2016 and will be continued on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building located at 215 Stiger Street, Hackettstown, New Jersey, at which time you may appear in person, by agent or attorney and present any comments which you may have related to the application. Copies of the application and plans are on file with the Clerk of the Planning Board and may be reviewed at the Municipal Building located at 215 Stiger Street, Hackettstown, New Jersey during regular business hours. LAVERY, SELVAGGI, ABROMITIS & COHEN, P.C. Attorneys for Jade Hackettstown Associates, LLC October 26, 2016 ($37.84)

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Independence to consider 4 lot conventional subdivision

Public Notice:

PUBLIC NOTICE Township of Independence
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the undersigned, PIO COSTA ENTERPRISES, LP, have made application to the Township of Independence Land Use Board for the property identified as Tax Block 21, Lot 38 & 38 – 20045 on the current Tax Map of the Township of Independence, Great Meadows, NJ which is located at 260-276 Route 46 in the R4 zone to permit the following:
The approval of an Amended Preliminary Major Site Plan of a Four Lot Conventional Residential Subdivision.
The applicant may also apply for such variance relief, exceptions, waivers, permits, approvals or licenses that are deemed necessary or appropriate by the applicant or the Board, and which may arise during the cause of the hearing process.
This application is now on the calendar for the Land Use Board of the Township of Independence.  The public hearing has been set for February 10, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Township of Independence Municipal Building, 286B Rt. 46, Great Meadows, NJ. When this case is called you may either appear in person or by an attorney for the purpose of being heard with respect to this application.  All documents and plans for the applicant are on file with the Land Use Board Administrator in the Township of Independence municipal building and are available for public inspection with the Township Clerk, Monday Through Thursday, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Applicant: Pio Costa Enterprises, LP 1275 Bloomfield Ave. Fairfield, NJ 07004
(Pr’s fee $25.36)                             01/31/14

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Alpha Bets on Hearing for Master Plan

Public Notice:


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the Borough of Alpha Land Use Board will hold a public hearing at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, December 11, 2013 on the Master Plan, Land Use & Circulation Elements pursuant to the requirements of the Municipal Land Use Law, NJSA 40:55D-13. The meeting will be held in Council Chambers in the Alpha Municipal Building, 1001 East Boulevard, Alpha, NJ 08865. A copy of the Master Plan, Land Use & Circulation Elements is on file in the office of the Municipal Clerk and is available for inspection during regular business hours. Action will be taken.

Dolores Hanisak, Secretary
Borough of Alpha Land Use Board
(Pr’s fee $14.34) 11/29/13


The Legends at Mansfield is given the green light by the zoning board

OF ADJUSTMENT At the regular meeting of the Mansfield Township Zoning Board held on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 7:30 PM in the Municipal Complex, 3135 Route 206S, Columbus, New Jersey, the following resolution was memorialized. RESOLUTION NUMBER 2013-09-13 : Resolution granting variance, preliminary and final major subdivision approval to Blue Sky Communities, Block 25 Lot 7.09 and Block 25.02, Lot 18, Legends Lane, for the purpose of completing the Legends at Mansfield residential development consisting of twelve (12) residential lots in Phase 2 of the development. Copies of the above application are on file in the Land Use Office at the Mansfield Township Municipal Complex, 3135 Route 206S, Columbus, NJ and are available for inspection during regular business hours. Barbara A. Crammer