East Orange Seeks Redevelopment Attorney

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EAST ORANGE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Project # 16-LEGAL-RDEV–RFP-03 The Housing Authority of the City of East Orange (EOHA), New Jersey is seeking proposals from experienced firms interested in providing redevelopment legal services. Sealed proposals must be submitted in accordance with the instructions provided by the Authority. Complete instructions for submitting the proposals are included in the RFP. To request a copy of the RFP, please e-mail Ms. Duangrat Simpkins, Office Manager at All packages shall be submitted by 3:00 pm prevailing time no later than Tuesday, July 5, 2016 to the Housing Authority of the City of East Orange, 160 Halsted Street, 3rd Floor, East Orange, NJ 07018. No late submissions will be accepted. Wilbert O. Gill, PHM Executive Director E41338 EOR June 23, 30, 2016 ($19.44)

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Milltown Looks for Special Council for Redevelopment Area

Public Notice:

BOROUGH OF MILLTOWN PUBLIC NOTICE REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS Notice is hereby given that the Borough of Milltown (the “Borough”) will be seeking qualifications for the provisions of certain professional and extraordinary un-specifiable services. The qualifications are being sought as part of a fair and open process being undertaken by the Borough pursuant to N. J. S. A. 19:44A-20.4 et seq. Responses to provide the services will be received by the Borough at their office, Milltown Municipal Building, 39 Washington Avenue, Milltown, New Jersey until 10:00 a.m. prevailing time on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at which time the responses will be publicly opened and the name of the responder shall be read aloud. Qualifications will be accepted for the following: SPECIAL COUNSEL – MILLTOWN FORD AVENUE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY The Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment Agency is seeking Special Counsel for legal services for its redevelopment activities. The minimum threshold criteria that will be utilized for the evaluation of the responses shall be as follows: a) Licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey for a mini- mum of five (5) years; b) Evidence of professional liability insurance; c) Representation of governmental entities in the field of redevelopment, with particular emphasis on municipal improve- ment authorities, for a minimum of three (3) years; and d) Knowledge of the Borough and its operations. In addition to the criteria set forth above, all responses must include the following; a) Full name and business address b) List of licensed professionals employed. c) Confirmation of authority to do business in the State of New Jersey and d) List of public entities served by business entity including dates of service. Responses shall be reviewed by the Milltown Borough Clerk according to the above criteria. The Borough Clerk shall recommend to the Ford Avenue Redevelopment Agency, selection of the professional or business entity for the position so advertised and the Agency shall confirm or approve such recommendation by resolution. Individuals and/or firms are to submit two (2) copies of their responses to: Michael Januszka, Milltown Municipal Clerk, 39 Washington Avenue, Milltown, New Jersey 08850. Questions concerning this notice may be directed to Michael S. Januszka, at 732-828-2100 x181. ($51.04)
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Ewing Township Redevelopment Agency seeks law firm

Public Notice:


EWING TOWNSHIP REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS PROFESSIONAL LEGAL SERVICES The Ewing Township Redevelopment Agency Housing Authority is seeking a law firm to provide legal counsel to the Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director.  Interested law firms are invited to contact Mr. Tyrone Garrett, Executive Director of ETRA at 609-883-2900 ext.7648 with any questions regarding this Professional Services RFQ.  Interested law firms shall submit three (3) copies of their proposal (s) including past experience with redevelopment agencies or municipal governments and hourly rates to Tyrone Garrett, Executive Director of ETRA no later than (4:00P.M.) on June 20, 2014.  The selection of a law firm or firms shall be based upon their qualifications; past and specific experience in this area of expertise along with hourly rate. The duration of the agreement between the parties shall be for a twelve (12) month period with a not to exceed price to be determined.  Tyrone Garrett, JD Executive Director Ewing Township Redevelopment Agency 2 Jake Garzio Drive Ewing, NJ 08628 FEE:$24.845/24/14j-139
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Rahway Redevelopment Agency Puts out RFP/Q for Legals & Engineering Services

Public Notice:

RAHWAY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY Request for Proposals/Qualifications The Rahway Redevelopment Agency (“Agency”) is soliciting Proposals and Qualifications from interested persons and/or firms for the provision of listed services. Through a Request for Proposals/Qualifications (“RFP/RFQ”) process, persons and/or firms interested in assisting the Agency with the provision of such services must prepare and submit a Proposal in accordance with the procedure and schedule in the RFPs or a statement of Qualifications in accordance with the RFQ. The Agency will review Proposals and Qualifications only from those firms that submit a Proposal or Qualification Statement which includes all the information required to be included as described (in the sole judgment of the Agency). The Agency intends to enter into a professional services agreement with a firm(s) that (a) possess(es) the professional, financial and administrative capabilities to provide the proposed services, and (b) agrees and meets the terms and conditions that have been determined by the Agency to provide the greatest benefit to the citizens of Rahway. The selection of a Respondent is not subject to the bidding provisions of the Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et seq. The selection is subject to the “New Jersey Local Unit Pay-to-Play” Law, N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.4 et seq., however. The Agency has structured a procurement process that seeks to obtain the desired results, while establishing a “fair and open” process, to assure that each person and/or firm is provided an equal opportunity to submit a Proposal or Qualification Statement in response to the RFP/RFQ. Proposals and Qualification Statements must be submitted to, and be received by, Mr. Peter Pelissier, Executive Director, Rahway Redevelopment Agency, City Hall Plaza, Rahway, N.J. 07065 on or before 4:00 p.m. on December 18, 2013. Proposals and Qualification Statements will not be accepted by facsimile transmission or e-mail. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS : 1. General Counsel to the Rahway Redevelopment Agency 2. Bond counsel to the Rahway Redevelopment Agency 3. Auditor and/or Financial Advisor to the Rahway Redevelopment Agency 4. Consulting Engineers to the Rahway Redevelopment Agency The RFP/RFQs are on file in the office of the Executive Director at City Hall Plaza, Rahway, N.J. 07065 and copies may be obtained by prospective respondents during regular business hours beginning at 10:00 a.m. on November 20, 2013. Copies may also be obtained on the City of Rahway’s website: Interested parties may also call the office of the Rahway Redevelopment Agency at (732) 827-2193 and request that the RFP/RFQ documents be faxed or emailed. Proposals and Qualification Statements must be submitted in the manner designated in the Instructions, must be enclosed in sealed envelopes bearing name and address of the bidder and the name of the position on the outside, addressed to the Rahway Redevelopment Agency. Jeffrey Jotz, City Clerk Nov. 14, 2013 ($46.02) 906264  

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The City of Summit Housing Authority puts out RFP for Legal Counsel.


The Housing Authority of the City of Summit, New Jersey is seeking proposals from Attorneys/Law Firms for General Legal Services for the fiscal year January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. Only sealed proposals in an envelope marked “2014 Legal Services” from qualified professionals will be accepted no later than 1:00 PM (prevailing time) on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at the Summit Housing Authority, 512 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901 Attention: Joseph M. Billy, Jr., Executive Director. The RFP package may be obtained by contacting Michelle Salazar at or calling the Housing Authority offices at (908) 273-6413. No late proposals will be accepted. No proposal shall be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days without the written consent of the Authority. The Authority reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any informalities in the selection process.
By: Joseph M. Billy, Jr.
Executive Director
($17.16) 901083

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Hoboken seeks attorney services through RFP process

Public Notice:

  CITY OF HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY LAW DIVISION On Behalf Of Department Administration PUBLIC NOTICE OF REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS   The City of Hoboken seeks proposals responsive to the following: Professional Services – Licensed Attorneys  Special Counsel (Second Attempt) for the Following Specialties:  1.Land Use / Real Property Counsel  2.Environmental Counsel  Term: January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014  Full Specifications are available upon request by contacting Al Dineros, Purchasing Agent, or 201-420-2011.  Proposal Submission Due Date: November 13, 2013 11:00 a.m. E.S.T.  City of Hoboken c/o Law Department  94 Washington Street Hoboken, N.J. 07030 10/30/2013 $47.56  
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Housing Authority of Elizabeth NJ is seeking Legal Services

Public Notice:

  Request for Proposal: Legal Services  The Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth, 688 Maple Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey is seeking proposals for LEGAL SERVICES in connection with the operation and management of said Authority. Services will include, but not be limited to, attendance at Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth meetings; land acquisition; advising officers and employees; representing the Authority in court on routine matters and evictions; negotiating labor and employment contracts with labor unions representing Housing Authority of the Elizabeth employee; Hope VI Program policies, development and agreements; reviewing and handing all contracts and matters arising under same. The Authority is responsible for all management and rental aspects for 1305 Family and senior housing units and approximately 1,200 section 8 certificates. YOUR PROPOSAL MUST INCLUDE: 1.Demonstrate experience working with public agencies, public sector negotiations and labor union negotiations. 2.Demonstrate experience in Real Estate/Tenancy, with a successful record in eviction for non-payment of rent and/or drug-related convictions. 3.Demonstrate experience in Contract Law. 4.Litigation experience in the field of public sector and employment law. 5.Understanding of Federal, State, and Municipal Statutes, Regulations, Ordinances, etc. 6.Names, education and professional experience or each attorney associated with proponent and identification of who would provide each service. 7.Price Quote for Annual (12 month) fee. To request a copy of the RFP please email Mr. Michael Medeiros, QPA at or contact at (908) 965-2400 Ext. 116. The RFP can be picked up at the administration building, 688 Maple Ave Elizabeth NJ 07202, or emailed to you upon request. Sealed packages will be received at the Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth, to the attention of Michael Medeiros, 688 Maple Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07202 no later than 12:00 p.m. prevailing time on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. All Proposals must be in a sealed envelope marked: REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR: LEGAL SERVICES FOR THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF ELIZABETH Any questions pertaining to this matter must be directed to Barbara J. Johnson of Director of Administration/Finance at (908) 965-2400, Ext. 113. For: William D. Jones Executive Director 10/23,28/2013 $234.32  

Towship of Edgewater Park seeks Professionals through RFQ/P Process

Public Notice: 

TOWNSHIP OF EDGEWATER PARKPROFESSIONAL SERVICES REQUESTS FOR QUALIFICATIONS / PROPOSALS THIS PROPOSAL IS BEING SOLICITED THROUGH A FAIR AND OPEN PROCESS IN ACCORDANCE WITH N.J.S.A.19:44A-20.5 et seq.This is a combined Requirement to Qualify (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP) form.Requests for these forms should be made in person to the Municipal Clerk/Administrator, Linda Dougherty, 400 Delanco Road, Edgewater Park, NJ, 08010, email: on the web at or fax request to 609-877-2308. Please no phone requests. This form will be used by the Edgewater Park Township Committee as a basis for making professional service appointments.

Please take notice that in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5 et seq., through the fair and open process, Township of Edgewater Park is seeking proposals for the 2014 annual professional services contracts.

Proposals are sought for the following needed professional services:

Township Attorney Township Special Counsel/Bond Attorney Township Special Counsel/Labor Township Special Affordable Housing Attorney Township Planning Consultant (Affordable Housing) Township Engineer Township Special Engineer Township Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Township Auditor Township Risk Management Consultant Planning Board Attorney Planning Board Engineer Planning Board Planner Township Prosecutor Township Public Defender Medical Services

If awarded a contract, your company/firm shall be required to comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A 10:5-31 et seq and N.J.A.C. 17:27.

Information regarding the criteria that will be used as the “basis of award,” for the professional services contracts can be obtained at the Municipal Clerk’s Office. If interested please submit the required information by Noon on November 26, 2013 to:

Mailing Address: Physical Address: Township of Edgewater Park Township of Edgewater Park Attn: Linda Dougherty, Municipal Attn: Linda Dougherty, Municipal Clerk/Administrator Clerk/Administrator 400 Delanco Road 400 Delanco Road Edgewater Park, New Jersey 08010 Edgewater Park, New Jersey 08010

Posted Web Site: On or before October 25, 2013

Linda M. Dougherty, RMC/Admin (1637952) ($77.88)

Township of Barnegat puts out RFP for professional services

Public Notice:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 10 of the General Code of the Township of Barnegat, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey is seeking proposals for the following professional services for the period January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014: 1-Township Attorney 19-Rent Leveling Board Financial Consultant 2-Township Engineer 20-Planning Board Attorney 3-Township Auditor 21-Planning Board Engineer 4-Auditor for Water/Sewer Utility 22-Conflict Planning Board Attorney 5-Conflict Township Attorney 23-Conflict Planning Board Engineer 6-Conflict Township Engineer 24-Landscape Architect for Planning Board 7-Attorney for Water/Sewer Utility 25-Zoning Board Attorney 8-Engineer for Water/Sewer Utility 26-Zoning Board Engineer 9-Conflict Attorney for Water/Sewer Utility 27-Conflict Zoning Board Attorney 10-Conflict Engineer for Water/Sewer Utility 28-Conflict Zoning Board Engineer 11-Special Counsel for Affordable Housing 29-Landscape Architect for Zoning Board 12-Landscape Architect 30-Township Planner 13-Bond Counsel 31-Township Prosecutor 14-Labor Counsel 32-Alternate Prosecutor 15-Appraisal Services 33-Public Defender 16-Appraisal and Title Work 34-Conflict Public Defender 17-Township Physician 35-Special Projects Engineer 18-Rent Leveling Board Attorney 36-Special Projects Architect A detailed “Request for Proposal” is on file in the Office of the Township Clerk, 900 W. Bay Avenue, Barnegat, N. J. 08005 Each Proposal must submit the following minimum requirements with their proposal: 1. List of names and roles of individuals proposed to perform the task along with a description of experience with project similar in nature. 2. List of references and record of success 3. Description of ability to provide services in a timely fashion, including staffing, familiarity and location of key staff. 4. Fee Schedule with cost details including hourly rates of each individual proposed to perform the service or a total cost (“not to exceed”). 5. Contribution statement by Professional business entity in accordance with Ordinance 2005-05, Section 10-20.c. 6. One original and six copies of proposal A complete RFP package is available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office, during normal business hours, Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30, or call 609-698-0080, ext. 190. or download from our website All proposals must be received by the Municipal Clerk’s Office, no later than 4:00 P.M., Wednesday, December 4, 2013. ($88.00) 884317  
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City of Camden seeks General Counsel for Parking Authority

Public Notice:


Request for Qualifications Legal Services – General Counsel The Parking Authority of the City of Camden Camden, New Jersey


The Parking Authority of the City of Camden (PACC) is soliciting qualification proposals from legal firms to provide the PACC with Legal Services – General Counsel from February 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015.


The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) package will be available for pick-up at no cost beginning 9:00 AM EST on Friday, October 18, 2013. The package may be picked up at the Administrative Office of the Waterfront Garage, which is located at 10 Delaware Avenue, Camden, New Jersey 08102. Written or faxed requests will not be honored.

Important Dates

The due date for interested firms to submit a technical qualification proposal is Friday, November 15, 2013.Any questions should be submitted in writing to Chairman Angel Alamo. All questions shall be submitted by Monday, November 4, 2013 by 12:00 PM EST. Questions should be submitted in written form and faxed to 856-964-9317. Any questions submitted thereafter will be precluded from consideration. (1637664) ($105.60)


Public Notice ID: 20715159.HTM
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