Somerdale Borough in Camden County Puts Out RFP for Photovoltaic System

Public Notice:



For a Developer of a Photovoltaic System to be Located on Certain Lands Owned by Somerdale Borough, Somerdale Borough Board of Education and Woodbury Board of Education, in the Counties of Camden and Gloucester, State of New Jersey, dated January 29, 2014 ADDENDUM No. 1 Issued on February 14, 2014

Somerdale Borough (“Borough”) issued Addendum No. 1, dated February 14, 2014 (“Addendum No. 1”), to the above referenced Original RFP issued by the Borough on January 29, 2014. This Addendum No. 1, along with the Original RFP shall collectively be referenced as the “RFP”. Addendum No. 1 is posted on the Borough’s website at . (1648332) ($17.92)

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