Land Use Planning

As the saying goes “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”  Every municipality is prudent to heed those wise words, especially as they relate to development and redevelopment. Anyone who has driven through a town in decline knows how that looks and feels.

It is essential for municipalities to perpetually work to enhance business, recreational facilities and residential areas to make their community a destination that attracts new businesses, visitors and residents alike.

Sprung Planning clients, whether a property or business owner, governmental or not for profit organization, gain the benefit of Matt’s extensive experience in the planning of  areas for development and redevelopment in New Jersey.

Matt is adept in the following disciplines:

  • Extensive research and analysis of existing conditions
  • Assessing the  surrounding environment and constraints
  • Navigating  zoning regulations
  • Gathering input advocating for or against a proposed project
  • Develop a community’s goals
  • Public engagement to help clarify their vision
  • Help bridge any gap

Matt works within a municipality’s Master Plan to attain the optimal balance of transportation flow, economic success, historic preservation and recreational and park space.

Matt’s enthusiasm for his client’s objectives lead him to successful outcomes and creative ways to implement practical planning and design balanced with financially and politically feasible strategies for implementation.

The goal of Land-Use to further the welfare of people and their communities by creating convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive environments for present and future generations. -The American Planning Association 

Questions? Call Matt at 610.417.2198