Site Planning

site plan development

Site plan development balances the client’s goals with the community’s objectives

The Sprung Planning Company has over 30 years of practice in working towards  balance in site planning.

A comprehensive site plan requires the ability to balance the needs of the client with the planning goals and objectives of the municipality.

Sprung Planning offers a wide range of site planning services including land development, mixed residential and commercial use, subdivisions as well as commercial shopping areas, industrial and office use. Special consideration is always given to whether a proposed improvement is located in a historic district, suburban residential area or an urban redevelopment.

Site planning provides a bird’s eye view of proposed improvements or development of a specific parcel of land, drawn to scale and generally begins with assessing a potential site for development through site research and analysis as well as environmental review.


A wide range of site planning services

Sprung Planning will assess whether an area is ideal or poor for a proposed use (such as steep slopes or flood prone areas), enabling them to create the best possible location and design for a structure within the space.

Sprung Planning keeps the neighborhood in mind to assure a proposed use is appropriate for its surroundings.